Profile: Michelle

With a long-standing career in the Adult industry, I have garnered extensive experience and have been recognized as an innovator in Adult services globally. My expertise is founded on a comprehensive understanding of the ethos of adult workers. I offer consultancy services, which encompass recruitment, training, management, and support to models and businesses worldwide. Through these services, I aid in the growth and development of Adult industry professionals and organizations. My support extends to both individuals and businesses, as I work to ensure that they meet and exceed industry standards, providing them with the tools to thrive in this competitive industry.

My long career in Audiotex has given me a broad and knowledgeable insight into the industry. I have a proven track record in innovation and the management of processes and systems for an industry that has changed radically over the years. From the production of a simple script and voice-over to the complexity of multi-user Interactive Services. My in-depth knowledge base has allowed me to innovate and improve many areas in this business. I have been instrumental in the development of regulations and compliance for adult-related services in the UK.

The Early Years

My career began in 1989 with Scriptwriting for Audiotex Services and was quickly followed by the production of scripting and flow charts for Interactive Telephony Services. I provided Scripting, Translation, Recording Services (including studio management), and Audio, all produced in over 44 different languages, and also consulted on Statistical and Service Analysis worldwide.

The Middle Years

All of this experience, allowed me to bring together and set up the best in Hosting and Management of IVR systems for Interactive TV services, live 121, and recorded services, such as Babecast, Sexstation, Babestation, and Psychic Interactive (to name but a few). It included Eavesdrop and the integration of various payment mechanisms, including PRS (Domestic and International), Mobile, and Credit Card, to the services we hosted. Consultancy for all the services provided proved to be an invaluable resource for our clients.

Pineapple SupportVisit Website

I felt privileged to receive an invitation to join the board of Pineapple Support. This organization offers round-the-clock emotional support online, along with free and discounted professional therapy and guidance, specifically catering to individuals involved in the adult online industry, such as performers and producers. This role provides me with the opportunity to apply my extensive experience and skill set to a cause that deeply resonates with me. My intention is not only to raise awareness about the remarkable work undertaken by Pineapple Support (with a bit more enthusiasm), but also to offer support to the team. They perform an incredible service in a world where mental health challenges within the online adult sector have been increasing. I take pride in being able to make a meaningful impact.


My direct involvement with the setting up of BabestationCams just over 8 years ago was a great insight into the Cam Industry. It allowed me to combine all my experience and expertise into providing dedicated Consultancy and management for their Web-Cam sites and associated services. Expert consultancy and model management are paramount in all areas and ensure the best marketing, organization, and profit potential that is available within a service.

My abilities are the Absolute Fusion and culmination of everything required, relating to management and consultancy services in the adult sector! Offering Enormous Expertise, Invaluable Insights, and a Completely Confidential route to market and success! I recruit and manage Award Winners as well as the Girls Next Door! I am known to be helpful, available, and committed to providing support and mentoring at any level. I have worked closely with a number of large well-known cam studios/companies and provide copy for industry-related sites.

Most recently I started a model blog site that aims to promote and provide support and mentorship for adult workers and cam models., My aim is to make a difference.