Profile: Tjeezers

Since 1999, I have established a hard-earned career as an adult affiliate webmaster in the Adult industry. Throughout my tenure, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience, and have earned global recognition as a representative for renowned big brands. My expertise is rooted in a profound understanding of the principles and values necessary for affiliate webmasters to excel in their field. Crucial to this is my aptitude for interpreting statistics and data, which presents a daily challenge. Over the past decade, I have focused on building a network for the Live Cam Industry. Dynamic Content has become a central feature, closely resembling the Girlfriend Experience that I believe my visitors are seeking.

Short Bio: Hailing from The Netherlands, born in 76, yes that is the previous century, Tjeezers is known for his uncompromising honesty, which he delivers in an informative and constructive manner. If you’re seeking change, he has the expertise to help you get there. As an active affiliate webmaster, Tjeezers maintains dynamic connections with a host of influential webmasters.

Work History

1999: His first experience with affiliate marketing was through a traffic exchange service that allowed him to earn points by simply watching a monitor. These earned points could be redeemed for certain online products. All he had to do was watch a screen that refreshed every 20 seconds with a new website, with no clicking required. As he walked away from his desk, he realized that he had violated the program’s terms and rules, and began to understand the true definition of “Blind Traffic.” That was the beginning of his journey in affiliate marketing.

2003: After creating his initial set of websites and acquiring an understanding of website traffic, he learned from a multitude of mistakes that came in pairs of ten. Now, after successfully completing his first year as an independent webmaster, he can attribute his success to Adult Friend Finder, CyberErotica, and Tjeeze – a Dutch webcam site.

2009: With a few years of experience under his belt in Live Cam Platform marketing, he proudly achieved complete independence for five consecutive years, earning the title of an experienced webmaster. Although this feeling was short-lived, it reemerged more frequently thereafter. Unfortunately, his longest Live Cam partner altered their Terms and Agreements, which has resulted in dire consequences for his company. Changes must be made, and he received no prior warning.

2015: Following a period of cost-saving and energy-draining efforts, he rearranged his traffic and niche priorities, utilizing accurate statistics to move traffic accordingly and learn how to measure his ROI. Despite these sacrifices, he managed to maintain a consecutive record. However, a new network is currently in development, and past experiences have taught him that change is necessary. Through painful learning moments on industry forums, he has implemented crucial adaptations and pursued new marketing strategies that demanded a different use of time. As a result, he’s had to cut down his sponsor affiliate program list from 189 in 2009 to just 42. Live Cam Platforms now comprise a larger slice of the pie, reflecting the shift in his focus.

2016: With a desire to adapt to the mobile market, he humbly accepted a role as Senior Affiliate Manager within the Brokerbabe team. Drawing on his previous experience, he was able to establish personal connections throughout the adult industry by attending summits and affiliate events. Additionally, he contributed to the CamplaceAPI project in parallel with his work at Brokerbabe. This experience allowed him to transition more dynamically into the Live Cam Industry.

2018: Upon completing a series of Micro live cam Projects, he joined the team at, providing him with a unique opportunity to be on the less-traveled side of the industry. Working with Romania’s most prominent live cam entrepreneur, he gained invaluable experience, particularly from unexpected challenges such as lockdowns, postponements, banking problems, stress, and panic. Despite the unexpected challenges, he approached every task with love, pleasure, and utmost seriousness, whether trying to locate a bus filled with the industry’s top models in the busiest city in Romania or helping someone retrieve their lost suitcase and important documents. Three intense, fulfilling years later, he decided to take a break. Changes in his personal life and the Covid pandemic brought him to a new phase of being an adult webmaster.

2023: He relocated to a serene location surrounded by the calmness and beauty of mother nature. There, he created a workspace surrounded by trees, birds, chickens, and dogs. Nature’s beauty envelops him. Over the past five years, he has learned valuable lessons that have added to his life’s experience, even though it has been a challenging journey. Though exhausted and marked by scars, he has emerged stronger and wiser. He is currently working on new projects, and he knows he will make mistakes, but that’s okay. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes he stumbles upon obstacles that hurt him. However, it is essential to embrace such challenges and consider them part of the process toward progress